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    Jan 8, 2012


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    Server Features
     - Server version 1753+2245.
    - Quest 7 Gallet Claim SnowMan
    - Special items npc quest added in allmighty land (map 1).
    - Npc drop items all B++++.
    - Ring/Necklace/Helm Scream Mask/ can get on NPC.
    - Map3 farm at GPV,EDIN.GW.CZ
    - drops antonuim 200.tob 200per pakage. (Hardest)
    - Gems Spirit drops gems 4per pakage. (Hardest)
    - Gold Spirit random drops 50m 25m per pakage. (Hardest)
    - Tob/Gem Spirit drop 200 Antonium,10 Gem per package. (Newbie)
    - Gold/Metal Spirit drop gold 5m,10m,yiterni 200/Tob per package. (Newbie)
    - Map3 lion island farming Book LvL 4
    - Registration is opened.
    - Max level now is 100.
    - Fame format +50 -10.
    - Donation is opened, click donation for more information.
    - Go to group for information
    Claim Item
    - You can claim item 1k,Boot/glove/pants/sleeves
    - Buy item at npc,
    - Post ID and Character name on group.
    - Item will get within 24hours.

    If you got "CONNECTION TO SERVER LOST" please click file check.".

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